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West Virginia’s Weight Loss Specialists

The CAMC Weight Loss Center is nationally-authorized for person and adolescent bariatric surgical treatment. Our middle is the best MBSAQIP-Accredited Comprehensive Center in Charleston. CAMC is also West Virginia’s best Blue Distinction Center+ for Bariatric Surgery unique via way of means of Highmark Blue Cross Blue Shield West Virginia.

If you’re bored with being overweight, the CAMC Weight Loss Center allow you to alternate your existence.

Our Approach To Care

When your weight interferes together along with your exceptional of existence and also you’re equipped to make a alternate, see the specialists at CAMC. Our Weight Loss Center gives greater than diets. We offer a complete and multidisciplinary technique that will help you reap long-time period weight reduction and stay a more healthy existence.

Our answers variety from early counseling to a whole lot of clinical and surgical weight reduction options, together with assist when you attain your goals

What Sets Us Apart

Weight loss isn’t pretty much dropping kilos and inches. It’s additionally approximately the opportunity of liberating your self from the existence-threatening fitness dangers that accompany being overweight, together with diabetes, excessive blood pressure, joint damage, sleep apnea and depression. We’re right here for you now, and so long as you want us at some point of your weight reduction journey.


The CAMC Weight Loss Center is nationally authorized for person and adolescent bariatric surgical treatment. Our middle is the best MBSAQIP- Accredited Comprehensive Center in Charleston.

West Virginia’s Weight Loss Specialists

Our bariatric surgeons are specialists in a whole lot of weight reduction surgical treatment techniques.

Our Areas Of Care

  1. Counseling and Support Groups
  2. Duodenal Switch surgical treatment
  3. Gastric Bypass surgical treatment
  4. Gym Access
  5. Healthy Kids Wellness and Weight Management
  6. LAP Band surgical treatment
  7. Medical Weight Loss
  8. Nutrition and Fitness Counseling
  9. Orbera
  10. Personalized Care Plans
  11. View greater

Frequently Asked Questions Approximately Exercise

Exercise is an essential a part of weight reduction, however you ought to test together along with your health practitioner earlier than beginning any new bodily interest. Here are a few regularly requested questions on workout.

Should I Simply Soar Proper In And Begin Exercising?

No. First test together along with your health practitioner earlier than beginning any bodily interest, specifically in case you:

  • Are over 35
  • Have been inactive for an extended duration of time
  • Have a records of smoking
  • Have any past/present day clinical condition

What Are Caution Symptoms And Symptoms I Ought To Appearance Out For Whilst Exercising?

  • Unusual chest ache, ache on your left or mid-chest area, left neck, shoulder, or arm at some stage in or simply after workout
  • Shortness of breath
  • Dizziness or confusion

What Are The Additives Of An Workout Program?

  1. Warm up
  2. Light stretching or mobility paintings
  3. Exercise (aerobic/energy education)
  4. Cool down
  5. Light stretching or mobility paintings again

*Warm-up and funky down ought to be five to ten mins in period to assist reduce injury

How Regularly Ought To I Workout?

According to the American College of Sports Medicine function stand, “Appropriate Intervention Strategies for Weight Loss and Prevention of Weight Regain for Adults,” a minimal quantity of 2.five hours in keeping with week of bodily interest at a slight depth can have “large fitness advantages.”

American College of Exercise Sports Medicine Exercise Guidelines:

  • Do slight depth aerobic half-hour a day, five days in keeping with week


  • Do energetic depth aerobic 20 mins a day, three days in keeping with week


  • Do eight to ten energy education sports, eight to twelve repetitions two times a week

How Can I Degree My Progress?

  1. Body measurements: Measure your hips, waist, fingers, and thigh. As you lose frame fats those measurements will lower gradually.
  2. Resting coronary heart fee: A more potent, greater green coronary heart may have a decrease resting coronary heart fee.
  3. Clothes and earrings: If you are attempting to lose frame fats, you can word looseness on your garb or in earrings along with watches or rings.
  4. Weight: Unfortunately, this appears to be the remaining element we will depend on. We may also best word a lower in weight after seeing different upgrades in our frame.

I Am A Female And I Need To Begin Energy Education. Will I Get Big, Cumbersome Muscle Mass From Lifting Weights?

No, in case you begin energy education you may now no longer get big, cumbersome muscle. When lifting weights you may get more potent and construct muscle. You will begin seeing advantages immediately.

Some advantages of energy education include:

  • Increasing your muscle mass (muscle burns greater energy than fats).
  • Resistance sports, along with loose weights, weight machines or resistance bands can have an effect on bone mass, which could assist save you osteoporosis.
  • Strength education performs a function in ailment prevention. For the 14 million Americans with Type 2 diabetes, energy education at the side of different wholesome life-style modifications can assist enhance glucose control.
  • Strength education boosts strength tiers and improves your mood.

Is Workout Definitely That Essential To Shed Pounds?

It is a fact: You ought to burn greater energy than you devour and drink to shed pounds. According to the Centers for Disease Control (CDC), for weight reduction what definitely topics is reducing again at the energy which you devour and drink. However, workout will pay off ultimately via way of means of retaining the kilos off. Research suggests that obtaining ordinary bodily interest is “the best manner to keep weight reduction.”

How Do I Lose The Fats Round My Belly, Fingers, Or Legs?

It is essential to preserve in thoughts that even though muscle constructing is site-specific, fats loss is now no longer. Performing sports that focus on a positive location of the frame do now no longer motive fats to burn away in that unique area. For example, doing heaps of belly sports does now no longer cause fats loss withinside the belly location.

If you need to burn fats, do the subsequent things:

  1. Eat a caloric deficit so that you shed pounds.
  2. Consume a well-balanced food plan with sufficient protein and complete foods.
  3. Lift weights and get more potent so you maintain a more percentage of muscle as you shed pounds and lose a more percentage of fats as you shed pounds.
  4. Perform sports that growth your metabolic fee so you deplete greater energy and reap a more caloric deficit. (Example: excessive to slight depth c programming language education with kettlebells, the rowing system or treadmill.)
  5. Move round greater.

If I Haven’t Any Equipment, What 3 Sports Ought To I Do And Why?


One of the first-rate sports is likewise one of the maximum natural (simply watch a toddler sit). This motion works all the muscle mass withinside the decrease frame together with the quads, glutes and hamstrings. It additionally affords an additional kick for the middle as you want your deep belly muscle mass and again to carry out this workout correctly.


This is one of the first-rate higher frame sports as it works the whole thing out of your chest in your again, your fingers or even your abs. Make positive your shoulders line up together along with your wrists and also you tuck your elbows toward your sides (and do not flare out your elbows wide). Try to get your chest and hips as near the ground as feasible with out touching.


According to the American Council on Exercise, the plank workout is one of the pinnacle ten belly sports. This workout is a superb manner to flatten your belly, beef up your middle and enhance the persistence of your again and belly muscle mass. By strengthening your middle, you may beef up your hips and pelvic ground. Having a robust middle, belly and again muscle mass will cause stepped forward posture and can assist save you injuries.

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