Portable Automatic Car Washer in Pakistan

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Are you looking for a Portable Automatic Car Washer in Pakistan? Only on luck.com.pk Call & WhatsApp here. Delivery Time Valid for two days. This Hop “n” Go Portable Automatic Car Washer is ready to be cleaned next to the car without removing it from the 10-foot separation. This Hop “n” Go Portable Automatic Car Washer also helps in planting and cultivating crops, weed control, bed bug control, kindergarten, breeding, so there are many more. Portable Automatic Car Washer in Pakistan. Manufactured using the highest quality plastic and metal, this automatic washer has a limit of 16L tanks. When it comes to cleaning your car, you can thoroughly clean it and place an order to polish this Hop “n” Go Portable Automatic Car Washer from luck.com.pk. 


  • This is a fact that not many people enjoy the hard work of caring for a car all the time. This is largely due to the time and effort involved in this process. This is the reason why a lot of clean car professionals and car owners are always looking for such car washes that will help simplify the cleaning process. com.pk has come up with a product of this nature such as Portable Car Washer. These machines are designed to wash car wash by combining the right combination of flow rates, temperature and pressure.
  • The Automatic Car Washer is equipped with a powerful, powerful gun that throws water at high pressure. The secret of Portable Car Washer lies in its highly compressed water that can easily cover a full distance of up to 10 meters. It also saves user time and effort. The car pressure washer has a pressure level of around 1500 psi. This is the perfect pressure to wash a car without damaging the top of the car. One of the incomparable features of a washer is that it can drain compressed water while the user is busy brushing the car.
  • One of the major advantages of a car pressure washer is its low flow rates. This car washer uses very little water, so you don’t have to carry huge relief bills at the end of the month. This feature makes the car wash more suitable for use in critical parts of the car. This compatible portable car washer will remove thick cakes of dust and dirt in minutes.
  • The use of Portable Car Washer is not limited to car washes. You can use this washer for other purposes such as farming, pest control, construction, agriculture and other household purposes. The car washer comes with a powerful water tank. This water tank can easily store up to 1 liter of water, so users do not have to fill the tank regularly.
  • Portable Car Washer is powered by a standard light connector, from which it gets its name. In addition, the washer is made of high quality ABS materials that are not easily damaged by normal use. Users can also control the speed of the spray with the controller. The Automatic Car Washer comes with a six-foot-long [6 m] pipe that is enough to wash several cars at once.
  • luck.com.pk brand Car Washer is a suitable product for almost all workplaces, residences and car service providers.

How to use

You can use the washer with the help of the following steps:

  • In the first step, you should fill a 16 liter bucket with fresh water and close the lid to avoid spilling
  • In the next step, you must attach the connecting pipes properly
  • In the next step, connect the spray gun to the bottom of the
  • In the fourth step, connect the power cable to the car’s light room
  • Now you are ready to go. Just turn on the power button located in the bucket to start the 40 watt motor
  • In the next step, grab the microphone and press the bullet to start working
  • You can also put a cleaning brush at the end of the spray gun to clean at the same time and wash the car
  • Keep working until your car is cleaned of any dust and dirt


  • Good quality ABS plastic and metal
  • Capacity of tanks: 16L
  • Power source: Simple 12 V Car Cigarette Connector
  • 40Watts motor powered diaphragm pump
  • Pressure Performance: 2.0-6.0kg / cm2
  • With the speed and spray control of the controller
  • 6 Meter Hose
  • Car Safety Filter
  • 3 Meter Power cable is connected to a lightweight cigarette connector
  • Size / Size: 38 x 32 x 30 cm
  • Weight: 3.1Kg


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