Liveup Steel PushUp Stands LS-3162

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Are You Looking For Liveup Steel PushUp Stands LS-3162 In Pakistan? Only:luck.com.pk  The LiveUp LS3162 chrome / steel push up is probably the best exercise because it works on your inside, shoulders, triceps and chest at the same time. Push up bars are not sensitive to Slip, your arm does not slip when you do exercise Push-up bar  made up of foam It absorbs sweat . Suitable for advanced physical training It can be used at home or in the gym. Easy to carry Office, Hotel, Traveling and portable light weight

Key Features

Liveup Steel PushUp Stands LS-3162


Get a strong, powerful body with Liveup Push Up Bar! There is no other exercise, other than weight training, builds and touches the pectoral and triceps muscles much better than push ups.


The handles on Livup Push Up Bar are ergonomic and include a comfortable grip, which makes them stand out

Perfect pair Chest to use.

BIG Push Up Stand Bare is great for men and women of any size who want to make strengthening exercise!


Push Up It is easy to use, allows you to exercise anywhere and skip the gym and everything of sophisticated machinery and equipment that comes with it.

How To Use Liveup Steel PushUp Stands LS-3162?

if you want to add variation to your pushing process, then select the push bar to have the most impact on the muscles. Great for strengthening your upper body,  arm and chest muscles Increases your balance and coordination By holding the bars, you have a simple alternative grip on the wrists.


 steel , polyethylene Foam 

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