Liveup Hula Hoop LS-5051

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you can change the hula-hoop balance or your base to improve your metabolism and burn fat in the waist, cardio exercises. Refreshing hurahu-puekusasaizu and around the abdomen, waist, firm waist. It turns into a physical challenge for fine art.Stimulates exposure “inside” the waist. Fun for the whole family, standing on your lap successfully.

Key Features

 Liveup Hula Hoop LS-5051

  • Hula-hoop massage LiveUp is specifically designed for the shape of the beautiful waist, strengthening the abdominal muscles and buttocks.
  •  It is easily folded and ready for sports at any time.
  •  It contains 34 massage balls
  • . During a workout, your back, abdomen, buttocks, and thighs are activated.
  •  The hula-hoop LiveUp LS5051 massage classes will allow you to remove excess body fat, increase muscle tone, increase blood circulation.
  •  It is easily folded and ready for sports at any time.

How To Use Liveup Hula Hoop LS-5051?

Want to feel beautiful, flowing and happy? Just do it. Pick an adult size hoop that’s right for you, and let’s do it!Most importantly you need the right size hula hoop. If you have ever tried a baby hook and felt like a failure do not be afraid;

you are not a lump! A lump of the right size that you should measure from the bottom to about your abdomen (or more). If you try to use a baby hoop at a toy store, sports store or Walmart / Kmart you are setting yourself up for disaster.

What are the benefits Liveup Hula Hoop LS-5051?


  1. Quickly Burns Calories
  2. Burns body fat and inches
  3. Boosts cardiovascular fitness
  4. Challenges your core muscles
  5. Improves your balance
  6. Works your lower body muscles
  7. Family-focused activity
  8. Inexpensive and portable


 Color: White, Blue

 Size/diameter (approx) 77 cm

 Main body weight (about) 1525g

 Housing Material/polypropylene (PP)

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