Liveup Football Trainer LS-3619

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A football coach is a waist training tool that enables the player to practice the ball without hands. Practicing this trainer helps players improve kicking, grip, block and turn skills. The football coach allows you to extend your football skills to the limit without chasing the ball.

Product Key Features

  • Help  to  improve the body balance, synchronization and flexibility.
  • Premium quality material resistant to kicking strong antiknock.
  • Best for the training of the thigh, calf, ankles.

How to use Football Trainer LS-3619 ?

Put your ball in the buildings and wrap a rope around your waist and start training. You can focus on how the ball responds to your kick and then work with a precise light touch with both feet and kick in and out of your boot. As you get more touch, it will help you improve your communication on and off the field.


How Much Distance Football Trainer LS-3619 Cover?

18 Feet.


Super Strong Pvc Material.


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