LCD Display Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan

Are you looking for an infrared foot massager in Pakistan? only: This is a great machine for creating a good atmosphere. Automatic spraying of aromatic air. It’s also a good gift. The machine is easy to install and adjust anytime from 1 to 60 minutes. Time interval spray perfume. Can be set from working mode. Monday to Friday, Saturday or Sunday. 1) Application Areas: Home, Bathroom, Bedroom, Office, Beauty Salon, Hospital, Hotels, entertainment venues, shopping malls, shops, airports etc.


  • The machine can be adjusted for 1 to 60 minutes at any time interval spray perfume,
  • You can adjust the time from Monday to Friday, Monday to Saturday, or spray perfume from Monday to Sunday.
  • Demonstrations begin with working hours, working hours ending, as well as Beijing time and numbers sprinkling.
  • Specifies perfume spray after injection time, three times red and green display lights
  • Low battery icon on screen corner battery flash, tip needed to replace new battery.
  • Powered by two on-1 battery
  • Receive ABS Environmental Protection Material Injection.
  • The air odor function is fully applied to an area of ​​60 cubic meters, each of which can be used as a continuous import perfume box for 4 weeks.
  • Design novel, beautiful and simple, simple structure, tear open body is very comfortable.
  • Application Areas: Families, Organizations, Gifts, Office, Bathroom, Hotel, Hotel, Entertainment Venue, Office, Beauty Salon, Photography Building, Train, Automobile Car, Waiting Room, Conference Room, Hall, Factory, Hospital, Cafe Fitness and Entertainment Center And other densely populated areas or fragrances that need to be added.

How to use 

Pack good perfume and battery, press reset to restart the machine, and then press the on / off key, when the screen shows that the following operations can be done to set the machine.

LCD Display Perfume Dispenser in Pakistan  When the START flashing, zipped machine START working time (hours and minutes) is adjustable, press for two seconds longer. Adrenaline-charged set START working hours, MIN set START press working minutes, after eight o’clock in the morning., 30 digits, press HOUR on 08, 30 MIN key. (00 AM to 24 AM, any adjustment lasts 1 to 60 minutes). Hold on or minute, time always beats.

Set the start time

Then press the mode key at a time (when pressed for a long time), when the STOP is lit, you can adjust the working time (hours and minutes) of the machine, press the adrenaline-charged set end working hours, press the minute set 9-point STOP injection at 9 o’clock in the evening, Works like a key of 21 HOUR, a key of 30 MIN. (00 AM to 24 AM, any adjustment lasts 1 to 60 minutes). Hold on or minute, time always beats.

After adjusting the STOP

Then press the mode key one at a time (do not press too long), when the COUNT key lights up, the speaker will have a number of injections. COUNT starts automatically from 1 bar in COUNT, until 9999. Press the reset button to clear, injection time.

Then press the MODE key one at a time (do not press any longer), while the INTERVAL glows, press the MIN, you can adjust the injection time interval anytime from 1 minute to 60 minutes. Minute, time always beats. The casting machine factory defaults once every 15 minutes.

Set after INTERVAL, and then press the MODE key one at a time (do not press any longer), when WEEK is lit, WEEK can be adjusted from Monday to Friday, (screens 1, 2, 3, 4, 5) Saturday (6) Screen display Monday or Monday Displayed from to Sunday, screen 1,2,3,4,5,6,7) displays spray perfume. The factory defaults to injection from Monday to Sunday (1-7).


  • LCD Display Perfume Dispenser in PakistanMaterial: ABS Plastic
  • Color: white
  • Size: 8 * 8.6 * 23.5 CM
  • Package Include: 1 * LCD Perfume Spray

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