Flex Tape in Pakistan

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Are you Looking For Flex Tape in Pakistan? Only: luck.com.pk  The quickest solution for leaks, holes, cracks and gaps is Flex Seal tape in Pakistan. High quality is strong and reliable. adhesive tape that provides a quick solution for leaks and hole problems. The tape is available in  black and is perfectly suitable for clips, binding, sealing and adjusting items. Flex Seal Tape, available at shopse.pk, is of high quality. It will stick to its place successfully. The -ex tape is about It is 4 inches wide and the roll has tapes about 5 meters long. Flex Seal tape ultra violet is safe and completely discarded in the world. This tape is VOC free and can be overused  hot weather. Another amazing feature of this Tape tape is that it is completely water proof.

Because of its adhesion to water, it can easily fix anything. Can be used in oil, silicone, plastic,textiles, oils and waterproofing materials. You can use it in your buckets, bottles, pipes or roof. It will easily fix everything holes and cracks.


Flex tape can be used on:

PVC, acrylic, steel, steel, copper, aluminum, wood, ceramic, porcelain, tile, glass, rubber, 􀃘berglass, stucco, concrete, stone, cement, concrete, drywall, EPDM roof, other plastics, textiles, vinyl


  •         The strongest and most durable waterproof tape is not strong
  •         Fixing almost everything
  •         Thick, exible tape, portable rubber
  •         It can be used in hot, cold, dry, wet, oily or oily areas
  •         It works in seconds
  •         Turn off the water and air


Product Details:

  • Size: 4 Inch x 5 ft
  • Materials:
  •  Rubberized
  • Type: Waterproof tape
  • Color: Black
  • UV resistance
  • VOC-free
  • Width: 4 inches
  • Length: 5 feet long (One Roll)
  • It is specially made with a thick, blended, rubber base
  • Allows any status or object
  • It quickly shuts off water, air, and moisture
  • Create a strong, ibleexible, waterproof barrier
  • Nature
  • Wide temperature range
  • Made in China

How To use Flex TaPe?

You can cover large holes, small holes, gaps, cracks and leaks. You can also use toex tape to attach various objects together, pasting a bottle and boxes. Ready to mark those items to be protected from moisture and air. You can fix almost everything with Flex tape in Pakistan. It has a rubber structure so it can easily take the shape of an object. Its use is very simple.

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