Fascial Gun Massager 4 in Pakistan

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Are You Looking For Fascial Gun Massager 4 in Pakistan ? Only: luck.com.pk Safe to use: With protection, over-protection and other security devices. Effectiveness: Effectively reduce muscle stiffness and pain and increase blood circulation.Unique design: Powerful brush under the torque motor of the technology is smooth and smooth/ You can use it at home, in the gym and in the office Best grip of silicone, prevent slip and slippery hand

Choose a different speed depending on your muscle group and preferences. Up to 3,200 beats per minute and 12mm power provide deep muscle relaxation, normal recovery, pain relief and

increased range of motionEnjoy deep relaxation and healing with this high quality electric gun with full pulse range speed and fitted heads for massage. This tool is what you need to reduce the pain, pressure, knots and tightness that can occur in sports, gym exercise Reduce stress points and help promote healing to restore a quick home.

Key Features:

  • Silent gossip compared to other massage guns.
  • 6-speed speed control design to meet various bodybuilding needs.
  • The massager can stimulate the muscles, and stimulate the blood, too
  • reducing muscle recovery time, relieving pain and resting from head to toe.
  • 4 types of massage heads can be converted, soft massage heads are made to provide a good massage experience while
  • reducing osteoporosis

How To Use Fascial Gun Massager 4 in Pakistan?

Easy to use: lightweight, safe, durable, portable, durable, suitable for everyone’s home treatment. 15 minutes a day can reduce neck tension, work best with all spinal treatments. 5 massage heads: use different massage parts for different body parts, open the massage bullet, start pulling it out with a vibrating rhythm, 3200 times per minute fast frequency, comfortable muscle massage.

Material And Specifications

  • Endurance: 2-3 hours
  • Installation: 110-240V 50/60 Hz
  • Rated power: DC8.4V
  • Rated power: 24 watts
  • Color: silver
  • Speed: 1200-3200 / min
  • Geographical position: 1-6 Øles
  • Method: button
  • Battery capacity: 2000mA
  • Complete packet weight: 1.48 kg
  • Details: US / EU Plug

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