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Are you looking for DERMA ROLLER 4 IN 1 IN PAKISTAN? Do you know about your good looks and want to enhance the beauty of your body? Derma Roller is designed to open skin cells and make your skin absorb nutrients and active ingredients easily and improve the lightness of your body such as face, neck, abdomen and legs etc. It is used to remove acne scars and stretch marks on your skin and provide treatment for getting bright results. You can also use this kit as anti-aging and wrinkles that make you slim and beautiful. This is used to improve the appearance of your skin especially your face, hands or feet that look good on the body. In addition, it also helps you to overcome hair loss and provide treatment to restore your hair with proper and proper use. In addition, this derma kit contains 3 sets of needles that you will prepare for various body parts such as the head of 300 needles used to treat a small area of ​​your body such as your eye scars, 720 needles help you improve the look of your face and neck. Also, you can use 1200 needles that can provide treatment to large areas of your body such as the abdomen and legs. In addition, you can also sterilize needles for about 5 -8 minutes. Without it, you can deal with Derma Roller and Derma wand.

Feel Your Skin Smile → seeking at your best has never been easier or more affordable until now. In less than 5 minutes of use, our micro needle derma roller will completely improve and speed up your entire skin care process as you combine it with your r serum

Replacement Heads Available → Instead of buying a brand new derma roller after it has worn out, you can now purchase Derma Roller Fills which contains 3 replacement roller  heads for a small cost of competing derma rollers. Protect your skin by making safe and clean derma rolling techniques and change your derma roller head after 3-5 use.

Simple and painless → whatever you have good experience or are completely new to micro needling, our little roller is one of the safest and most effective derma rollers. You can use our microdermabrasion tool on your face, body, neck, abdomen, hands, under the eyes, legs, scalp etc.

Get Light → Use your favorite products to promote healthy looking skin. Our necessary facial makeup is here to promote a healthy glow. We want you to feel and look your best every day using the right beauty tools.

Cheap Quality → Professional treatment is expensive. By using it weekly or twice a week, you can achieve your skin goals for a fraction of the cost! Looking at your best has never been this inexpensive.


Type : Facial Tools

All Skin Type

Brand :Derma Roller

The 4-in-1 derma roller set comes with three separate roller

  • 1200-needle 1.5 mm length head (for use on body)
  • 720-needle 1.0 mm length head (for use on face)
  • The delicate 300-needle 0.5 mm length head
  • Travel & storage case with built-in disinfection tank.


The needle of 4 in 1 DNS Derma roller is made of Medical Grade Stainless Steel, it is one of the most commonly used materials in the manufacture of medical devices, and in particular Stainless Steel 304.


When the derma roller is wrapped over the skin, small, fine needles on the roller pierce the skin.


Holes created by needles in the skin are small and are considered to be superficial. For this reason, treatment is not considered an attack.


When the skin is pierced, this creates controlled skin damage. It does not cause real damage to the outer layer of the skin. Needles help to break down any red tissue


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