Cotton Candy Maker in Pakistan

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Are You looking for Cotton Candy Maker in Pakistan ? Only: luck.com.pk Cotton candy was hard work before the invention of the cotton candy machine. With a few different conditions of its construction at the same time. The bases in the machine are a sugar-storage container with a stored temperature that keeps the temperature stable. The vessel rotates, driven by a car. With this in mind, spinning sugar in the red clouds of pink has never been so fun. Just pour the sugar mixture on top, open the unit, and occasionally you will have fresh, festive cotton sweets right in your home. This cotton wool cart adds charm to any table. It includes a removable container and two plastic lumps for easy candy. Plus, this Carnival candy maker is back and easy to clean. online shopping in Pakistan With Free Home Delivery

how to use Cotton Candy Maker in Pakistan ?

The mixture of sugar, coloring and water or corn syrup is heated until it is completely liquid. The container has small holes in the wall and when it is spun at high speed around its axis, the liquid is pushed out of the small holes. The diameter of the holes is small enough to give off a small amount of that liquid, small enough to cool as soon as it blows the air out. In this way the tiny fibers of the hidden candy are formed, and the fibers are folded back and forth to form a coarse cotton ball that we all know.


Total Weight of the Product: 2.54 Kilograms
Dimensions: 13 x 13 x 13 Inches (Length x Width x Height)

Cotton Candy Cone Holder + Two (2) Plastic Cones & 1 Packet Of Cotton Candy Mix!



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