Car Seat Massage in Pakisan

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Are you looking for Car Seat Massage in Pakisan? Only:luck.com.pk. Car Seat Massager in Pakistan is a Cushion health lifestyle designed specifically for your recovery to reduce lower back muscle fatigue and relieve long-term muscle pressure. But it can also be used in a work chair, a sofa, and a car seat. It adjusts the seating position of those who return and loosens the waist when staying longer. Because the dynamic dynamics transforms down cars running with 12v DC current from a simple car socket. But as a result you can enjoy relaxing on the floor at the same time as driving. The make-up is therefore designed for a suitable rubbing factor and contributes to the circulation of body blood.

A high health cushion made specifically for your back to relieve recurrent muscle fatigue and initiate long-term muscle stress. But it can also be used in a work chair, a home sofa, and a car seat. It adjusts the posture and relaxes at the waist when sitting for long periods of time. So health care cars operate on only 12v DC of today from a bright car socket, so you can get a pleasant massage at the same time as riding. The structure is specially designed for the proper rubbing aspect and contributes to the blood circulation of the frame.


  • Full size seat
  • 4 Massage Methods: Knee, Touch, Shiatsu, Knocking
  • Massage therapists: Back to top, back to back,
  • Smooth back heat.
  • High-rise car seat
  • The power of 12v cigarettes is simple
  • 2 Ways to Speed ​​Hello and Low
  • It is easy to use in the car and in the car seats
  • 4D luxury design for a modern look

How to Use 

The Car Seat Massager works by vibrating mainly which helps to increase blood circulation to important areas such as the back, lower back and thighs, where the muscles become stronger due to prolonged sitting. Also, a warm, fluffy moisturizer will make your home a must-have.


  1. Remove the Car Seat Massager from the product box.
  2. Connect the AC wire of the Car Seat Massager to the AC feed. Sit on the couch or chair and tie the chair to the massage.
  3. Power button Press the Car Seat Massager panel.
  4. You can choose to turn on the three parts of the massage option, A for your comfort.
  5. You can turn on the heating option in this Car Seat Massager. Also, you can repeatedly press the Inflate button to fill the air in a cold place.
  6. Use a 12V Car Sever Massager car adapter to use in your car. 
  7. After use remove the AC wire of Car Seat Massager and store it safely.

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