Apollo Stationary Exercise Bike AP-435B in Pakistan

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Apollo Smart Bike bike is ideal for home, apartment or office use and is recommended for men, women and the elderly. Exercise helps increase your stamina and improve your stamina while light anad easy physical activity helps reduce fatigue and eliminate muscle stiffness in the upper body. Digital monitoring clearly shows distance in miles, speed, time, calories and heart rate. Track your heart rate with a built-in heart rate monitor. Designed to be comfortable and easy to use. 

Product details and Specifications of Apollo Stationary Exercise Bike AP-435B


  • 02 kg Inner magnet flywheel
  • 08-Resistance levels adjustment
  • 90 kg Max user weight
  • Seat vertically adjustable
  • Designed For Home Use
  • Product Dimension: 34x22x51 Inch
  • N.W/G.W: 19 kg / 22 kg




Automatic on / off: this method works when any key is pressed or when it receives an input input from the speed sensor. The system automatically shuts off when the sensor has no key-in-ear signal input for about 4 minutes.

Reset: The unit is usually reset by changing the battery or pressing the mode button for 3 seconds.

Mode: to stay in SCAN or Lock if you do not want the scan mode, press the MODE key where the function indicator you would like us to start blinking.

Magnet Resistance: A smart Apollo bike that offers 8 levels of low and high magnetic resistance. Low tension takes less energy and high tension requires more energy to move an exercise bike.

Paddles: Bicycle exercise paddles provide non-slip grip and provide flexible rope paddle in various foot sizes.

Time: Press the MODE key until the cursor is released at TIME. all performance will do when you start exercising.

Speed: Press the MODE key until the cursor is locked to accelerate. Indicates the current speed during exercise.

Range: Press the MODE key until the cursor is locked in DISTANCE. the space for all the exercises will be displayed when you start exercising.

Odometer: Press the MODE key until the cursor passes to ODOMETER. the entire collection will be displayed

Calorie: Press the MODE key until the display is removed from CALORIE. Burnt calories will be shown when you start exercising,

Heartbeat: Press the MODE key until the indicator progresses to the PULSE function and then place the ear or hand holder that holds the sensor for about 3 seconds…

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