Apollo Curve Situp Bench AP-103A in Pakistan

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Apollo Curve Situp Bench AP-103A is a fully customized bench for exercise to maintain your body fitness. It helps to achieve more efficient fitness results and support backbone and protect spine in a better way. With a unique wrap design, this workout bench can be folded to a compact size and placed on a wall or in a store under a bed to save more space. And this exercise bench is ready for daily maintenance easily with a damp cloth.


Made of a heavy metal frame with a triangular structure, this exercise bench is stable and holds up to 441 lbs. With premium PU leather, this descent bench is breathable and non-slip. Meanwhile, the loose bench offers a comfortable sleeping experience with its high-frothy lump.


Features of Apollo Curve Sit Up Bench:

Apollo Curve Sit up Bench is a perfect tool for home, or office work. Find the well-designed, shaped belts you want with a variety of exercises and crunches designed for this bench.


Built of high quality, sturdy steel, and built with your basic thinking, our bench can handle your very heavy use. Whether your ab process consists of simple sit-ups, crunches, reverse-crunches or twists, this bench will keep you safe and stable, so that you can get the most out of your workouts.


  • Best for Personal training at home
  • Best for bodybuilding workout to keep your body fit
  • Easily Adjustable to increase or decrease curve sit up


i) Foldable Design:

This sitting bench can be easily wrapped by removing the lock pin, making it easier to maintain. Alternatively, you can exercise properly in your home or office.


ii) Height Adjustable

Its height can be easily adjustable for small and elder people. Its frame is designed in such a way to bend it easily and increase or decrease its size.


Key Specification:

  • Dimension: 5″ height x  42.3″ length x 18.2″ width
  • Foldable: Unique Wrap design can be folded and placed anywhere at home.
  • Seat: 5 Padded foam seat are used in it
  • Portable: Easy to assemble or reassemble and portable
  • Weight: 12kg to 15kg weight of bench

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